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Home Podcast Episodes #008 – “How to Communicate with Your Kids (Without Strangling Them)” – Fathers Over Forty

#008 – “How to Communicate with Your Kids (Without Strangling Them)” – Fathers Over Forty

Published on July 28, 2012 by in Podcast Episodes
Goobie in the Tub

Goobie in the Tub

“How to Communicate with Your Kids (Without Strangling Them)” (July 28, 2012)

Welcome to Fathers Over Forty,a podcast where dads discuss everything from diapers to drama queens and divorce to date nights!

Weekly update:  Wade took a sick day, Jake is waving and pushing his walker, Katie is with her mom again, Midwifery Investigations continue, Backs are better: YMCA here we come!

Ask Chunk and Squirrely:  Why does my baby constantly grab his junk?

Main topic: Communicating with your kids, What teenaged girls want their dads to know and What babies want their dads to know

Dad Gadget: Crane Owl Humidifer

Jen’s Spin on Goat Milk Soap: Jen talks about soap and other things from

Wade’s Words: “Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn’t listening.” ~ Emma Thompson

Lessons Learned: Home warranties aren’t our thing.  Neither is opening a checking account to get a discount on your mortgage.  If you feed a baby blackberries and spaghetti for dinner, make sure the bath tub is ready!

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  1. solidgoldeats

    It’s so interesting to hear about developmental milestones. I’ve always wondered how parents know when their kids should be doing certain things like walking and talking. Who teaches these things?? Something that’s always scared me about parenting.

  2. Not sure how/why I posted “I understand”. Anyway, we constantly look to the child development experts who have been published in this area (they’re an easy find on google) but we also look to other parents for insight. I know that those “textbook” milestones are just guidelines and kids may be ahead or behind them. However, I’m always still a little surprised at how accurate they can be. For example, walking usually happens around 1 year. Goobie will be one year old in a few weeks and he took his first steps last night!

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