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Where dads get advice on everything from diapers to drama queens and divorce to date night! 

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Home Podcast Episodes #018 – “25 Dates Under $25” – Fathers Over Forty

#018 – “25 Dates Under $25” – Fathers Over Forty


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“25 Dates Under $25” (October 6, 2012)

Welcome to Fathers Over Forty,a podcast where dads discuss everything from diapers to drama queens and divorce to date nights!

Weekly update:  Katie had a great time at homecoming. Cataract Bean Festival is coming up this weekend. Jen’s having some contractions.  We’re having a mini barn built in our back yard.

Ask Chunk and Squirrely:  Family Vacations

Main topic: Dating privileges | Plus 25 dates under 25 dollars

25 dates for 25 dollars:

  • 1. Farmers Market
  • 2. People watching at the mall and make up stories
  • 3. Picnic in Park
  • 4. Late night Dessert Date
  • 5. Volunteering
  • 6. Nature/Conservatory park
  • 7. Coke date
  • 8. Early morning Coffee date
  • 9. Museums with Free admission
  • 10. Bike rides (rent a tandem or surrey bike)
  • 11. Window shopping
  • 12. Matinee movie
  • 13. Library (read or for programs)
  • 14. Looking at Christmas lights
  • 15. Carry out pizza in the car like kids
  • 16. Pumpkin patch or apple orchard
  • 17. Cook a meal together
  • 18. Video arcade and kid your kid on with $20 in quarters
  • 19. Local galleries
  • 20.  (Um, we skipped 20.  We’re not so great with numbers!)
  • 21. Paint pottery together
  • 22. Skating (ice or roller)
  • 23. Bonfire
  • 24. Bottle of wine and redbox
  • 25. Cataract BEAN Festival!
  • (Some ideas were inspired by &

Book Discussion: Chapters 3 & 4 of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker, M.D.  Get your FREE copy by signing up for a trial subscription on Audible or get your paper or digital copy at Amazon.

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Good Dad-vice: “Have faith that someday it will pass…..they will grow up……and do a lot of praying!” ~ Larry Metz

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